Salacity Selfie Pigeon photo prop

The Salacity Selfie Pigeon photo prop was designed to add a photo opportunity to any sim, allowing you and friends to pose for pictures using the static/photo poses included, while not obstructing the scenery or view.

***Included in your package***
There are three items included:
*Selfie Pigeon*
– Two versions are provided. The main/original has a pigeon sound that emits on a timer; the „silent” version does not have the sound. Otherwise, they are identical.

*Street Sign*
– A street sign is included as well, in case you wonder whether others will notice the pigeon and know what to do with it.

The sign may be modified to adjust the size; neither version of the Selfie Pigeon may be modified. All objects are „copy” enabled; feel free to put out as many as you want!

***Customization Available***
If you would like a customized version of the Salacity Selfie Pigeon set, please contact Anggy Rasmuson in-world. We are willing to do custom textures/colors, animations, and animation sequences. ALL custom work will be done based on a quoted rate, with 50% deposit required.

Taxi :

Outfit: TETRA Open Back Jacket & Silk Track Trousers