Beautiful elegant dress of soft, breathable fabric in elegant cyan .This is just perfect dress for business occasions. Elegance, simplicity and chic.

Dress: [VM] VERO MODERO Azrea Dresses

Shoes : .:KC:. MAIA PUMPS
Sunglass : [VM] VERO MODERO Bamboo
Make up: Ever An` Angel Tone Faces frost N`Fire
Jewellery: Baubles! by TechTriangle Earring

I love Christmas, as it is my favourite holiday in the year. In my opinion, it is a special time, when people forget all their problems and try to be together. I really believe that Christmas helps people change themselves for better makes them kind, friendly and generous to one another.

How do I spend Christmas? I think that I spend it like most Polish families. Some days before Christmas I buy presents and send Christmas cards. I also clean my house to make it look brilliant. I help my mum cook special dishes and bake Christmas cakes. On the day preceding Christmas, called Christmas Eve my sister and me set up a Christmas tree and decorate it with sparkling tinsel, chains, candles and trinkets. When everything is ready, it is time for Christmas Eve supper. As soon as the first star appears in the sky, we take seats at the Christmas table. There is always one empty place for an unexpected guest. Before we start eating, we share the holy wafer, we also give presents to one another. Then we taste such dishes as red borsch, pies with sour cabbage and mushrooms, fried carp and lots of cakes. Meanwhile we sing carols or just listen to them. At midnight we often go to church to attend a midnight mass. Next day, 25th of December, the first day of Christmas, we usually spend at home – eating a lot of Christmas food, singing carols and having a great time. On the second day of Christmas we either pay or receive visits, we also go for walks.

Christmas is for me not only a religious holiday, but also the most joyful time of happiness, peace and love.